A genuine experience
in Greek Hospitality

The jewel of Pastida

ΝΑΜΑ RETREAT is a brand new holiday resort, cast in a scenery certain to provide vacationers with a truly alternative experience in accommodation, in an ambience of unconditional calm and restfulness – just the thing one needs to escape everyday routine for a while. .

The setting is Pastida, a site off the beaten track, away from the bustling touristic areas and voluminous hotel facilities: a modern settlement fashioned after a typically Greek architectural style, located in the northern sector of the island of Rhodes, right at the foot of the hills of Filerimos, within the area where the ancient city-state of Ialysos once stood.

Surrounded as it is by lush green pine groves, alternating with pastures and low hills, the site is just the kind of backdrop one needs for a sunbathed escapade in a truly idyllic context and some precious moments of quality relaxation.

The word "Nama"

"NAMA". Crystal-clear fresh water coming straight out of the Doric fountain, joyously gargling right across from our site for more than 3000 years. This is water coming from the spring on top of the hill, a blessed resource that has for ever irrigated our beloved, sacred land of Pastida. .

"NAMA" is the name under which the sweet red wine used to prepare the Holy Communion in Greek Orthodox liturgy is known. A unique bouquet of fruity and spicy flavours, a kind of aftertaste we mean to reserve for all those friends to honour us with their choice of NAMA RETREAT as their vacationing destination.

Among the many features that make ΝΑΜΑ RETREAT

Affordable Luxury

  • All rooms are set around or in proximity of the main swimming pool – like streams ending up into the lake.
  • The facility is set within comfortable distance from the busy touristic sites and the brouhaha of usual vacationer venues. We are welcoming guests above the age of 12.
  • Peaceful ambience with a touch of selected luxury
  • A strategic site for the fans of nature outings, trekking venues and forest landscapes
  • A unique kind of accommodation, featuring an inspired style of refined aesthetics
  • The owners take pride in several decades of tradition in hospitality
  • Free parking and easy access to most of the island’s key sites and sights

Chatzimichail Ioanna


Our facility is located on the island of Rhodes. It was the owner’s love for the flair and style of the settlement of Pastida that motivated what gradually grew to become the basic inspiration for the development of the ΝΑΜΑ RETREAT-HOSPITALITY SUITES hotel.

What used to be patterns and references from days and times past engraved on the mind, eventually became features harmoniously translated in the most modern architectural style. All facilities have been arranged around the site’s main swimming pool, open to all guests.

The main feature of the concept is cosiness in privacy .

The main idea behind the design adopted for this facility was an attempt at a redefinition of the natural setting through the rectilinear patterns adopted for the constructions and a debonair arrangement of the surrounding area. The hilly backdrop, the pronounced presence of the liquid element and the lush green all around come to complete the picture.

Featuring an open-plan profile, the luminously glass-paned main building houses the reception lobby and the breakfast room. Rooms on the ground floor comprise shared-pool suites and facilities catering to a wide array of expectations.

Accommodation facilities on the first floor also have access to the main pool, open as it is to common use by all guests.

It was that inspiring combination of local features and up-to-date interventions that yielded a new kind of architectural texture, opening the way to several possibilities.

True to the tradition of authentic hospitality:

Nama Retreat Hospitality Suites is much more than just another hotel facility on the island of Rhodes. Our family values and our love for the land have merely been the inspiration to create a unique hospitality experience for our guests. Building on the energy of the place and the serenity of the area, we came up with Nama Retreat, now awaiting to host all those in quest of truly original vacationing while mingling with the locals and getting a flavour of their culture.

Our vision is to make of NAMA RETREAT and our dear area of Pastida a destination of choice, a promise of sheer pleasure.

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